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Testimonials About Thomas Scola

At the heart of every successful career lies the appreciation and recognition from peers and colleagues. Here are some heartfelt words shared by my esteemed co-workers, reflecting on our collaborative journey:

Thomas is going to be one of your A+ players. He's knowledgeable, thorough, innovative, and focused on the best outcome for the customer. He's the guy I knew I could go to with any problem, even if it's not his, and he would help me either figure it out or find out who I need to go to next. Thomas is one of the few people I would be absolutely thrilled to work with again.

Beverly Hicks
Senior Software Engineer

Thomas is every organization's best case scenario when it comes to Drupal talent. His expertise in Drupal dates back to v4.7 and he's been playing a leadership role within the Drupal community for almost two decades. He's worn almost every technical hat within Acquia (the company created by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert) in large part because of his depth of knowledge for all things Drupal and his unique versatility of leveraging that skill set however the most urgent need requires. To say he bleeds Drupal drops would undersell his commitment and to, and knowledge of, all things Drupal. 

Beyond the mastery of the CMS, Thomas brings a tremendous approach towards collaboration and leadership, sprinkled with the humanity and kindness that makes working with him easy. He's a creative problem solver with an appetite to innovate, yet plays within the boundaries of the proven best practices and tried and true methodology. He is the ideal teammate, a tremendous leader, and spectacular person, and any team would be lucky to have him.

Zach DiFranza
Account Executive for Digital Transformation | Federal Government Solutions

Thomas is very organized, collaborative, and a skilled technologist. Thomas and I partnered for 4+ years supporting a key Acquia customer. I could always count on Thomas to ensure the customer's platform & applications were in tip top shape and if there were any areas for improvement, he would find them. I greatly appreciated Thomas' laid back and patient approach and look forward to our paths crossing again.

Aleks-Jan Dubovik
Strategic Customer Success Manager

Thomas is my "go to" resource for solution path ideas. We've both been working with Drupal and the surrounding technologies and platforms for many years, and he has constantly shown me new ways to approach project requirements and challenges, with an eye to "doing it right." When I'm stuck on something, or when I feel as if there must be a better solution than what I've come up with, I turn to Tom. 

His reputation among the companies I've worked with is that he is an exceptional member of the team: He has strong interpersonal skills, and can work just as easily with big-picture business teams as he can with developers. He quickly earns the trust of those he works with, and demonstrates over and over again that it's not misplaced. 

Tom listens to the customer, hears what they have to say, and responds in a manner that gives the customer the confidence that he not only understands their business goals and technical objectives, but can guide them to best-practice solutions.

Todd Woofenden
Principal Technical Account Manager

Thomas's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to providing exceptional technical expertise to each customer has made him an invaluable asset. His expertise in Drupal, CI/CD, GitLab, and problem-solving is not only impressive, but also inspiring. He sets a high standard for development, employee performance, and consultancy, motivating me and others to strive for excellence. Thomas would undoubtedly be a valuable addition to any company fortunate enough to have him.

Allie Jones
Senior Technical Solutions Manager

Tom is one of the most generous and thoughtful folks I have worked with in my career. His Drupal and developer experience creating incredible applications was invaluable during the solutioning process when speaking to prospective and active customers. His willingness to jump in on any type of project (whether educating a customer on some functionality or full blown demonstrations of product stories) single-handedly solidified our products and services as leaders in the market. 

Tom brings an infectious spirit to every conversation, and he was never afraid to jump on a call with little notice to help ensure that customers were achieving their goals with our solutions. All around, it was a complete pleasure to work with him from day 1, and I hope to continue to collaborate into the future.

N. Sam Pettinati
Senior Solutions Engineer

I worked with Thomas continuously during my three years of service at Acquia. Thomas is one of those rare individuals who puts 100% of his efforts into his role. He constantly went outside of his role to help others during complex customer interactions and offered unparalleled guidance and expertise. He provides a consultative approach when dealing with complex situations that ensures his customers, fellow colleagues and Acquia are completely satisfied along the way. I would highly recommend Thomas for his dedication and expertise.

Frank Peterpaul
Key Account Director, Global Accounts SaaS/PaaS/IaaS | AI/ML/Analytics | Security

Thomas offered great leadership in Drupal architecture, repo governance, DAM and partner relations within the Acquia PS Solutions team. His collaborative spirit is infectious; he consistently extends his support and expertise to ensure the success of any team that requires his assistance. 

As a mentor, Thomas was invaluable, offering guidance and support as I transitioned into my role as a Technical Solutions Manager. He has a great passion for Drupal and the open-source community, and his kindness and attentive listening skills are traits that empower any team fortunate enough to work with him.

Ian SmithIan Smith
Technical Solutions Manager at Acquia

To put it in straight business terms, Thomas delivers one of the highest ROIs a company could wish for, both directly and indirectly, generating value well beyond 3-5x employee cost. His plethora of certifications, qualifications, and extensive experience in Web Tech (obviously, with a major emphasis in Drupal) do not come CLOSE to representing his talents.

In this industry and sector, it is a cultural norm to regularly have to trade deep technical expertise at the compromise of necessary soft skills; you don't have to compromise with Thomas. Because he isn't *just* remarkably intelligent, passionately curious, and creative in his problem solving, he is someone with a presence that makes work, whether it be cross-functional or customer facing, authentically enjoyable. This truly rare presence establishes both wide-ranging and long standing value for ANY team and organization.

Years after Thomas and I worked together on a cohort of Acquia's most significant, demanding, and technically challenging customers, and we had both moved into other departments, he is still someone to-date that I speak about when onboarding new employees and establishing a baseline for what collaborative work should look. How envious I am already of the lucky company that gets to benefit from his added value!

Dre Garner
Program Manager Helping Cloud Businesses Scale Operations

I worked with Thomas both at Energy Circle when I was a colleague, and also at Renew Financial as a client. His competency, dedication, and ability to translate business needs into technological solutions in unparalleled. He is also a complete team player who was always willing to explain complexly to the most junior members of the team. I look forward to having Thomas as my technology mentor for years to come.

Ryan Buckley
Director of Digital Marketing
Renew Financial