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About Thomas Scola

Crafting Seamless User Experiences

Armed with a BFA in UI/UX Design and Information Architecture from the Maine College of Art, coupled with nearly two decades of Drupal experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My career is dedicated to project leadership, customer relationship management, and team development. I specialize in blending technical prowess with creative finesse to meet customer requirements and drive business objectives efficiently.

A Pioneer in Drupal Innovation

My journey with Drupal began with version 4.7, and since then, I've been deeply involved in its evolution. As a longstanding leader within the Drupal User Group of Maine since 2007, I've contributed significantly to the community across Maine and New England, offering innovative solutions and support.

Strategic Vision and Expertise

Certified in CI/CD DevOps strategy, I boast a proven track record in team management, CMS replatforming, large-scale migrations, and crafting complex architectures aimed at enhancing user experiences.


Career Interests & Professional Goals

Driving Growth and Innovation

I am driven by the pursuit of a position that allows me to leverage my extensive experience and relationships to foster the growth and strategic development of an Acquia Partner's Business Unit. My objective is to enhance market share and service offerings through effective partnerships with Acquia and collaborative efforts with sales teams.

Key Focus Areas

  • Strategic Pre-sales Leadership: Crafting tailored technical solutions and impactful sales materials to drive business growth and client acquisition.
  • Efficient Project Execution: Overseeing onshore and offshore delivery teams to ensure alignment with broader business goals and efficient project execution.
  • Culture of Excellence and Innovation: Fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous learning, with a specific focus on establishing a Drupal Center of Excellence and enhancing internal documentation.
  • Industry Trends and Adaptability: Proactively staying abreast of industry trends, including Drupal and Acquia's product roadmap and end-of-life (EOL) software, to anticipate market shifts and adapt strategies accordingly.
Dedication to Success

My dedication to driving a company's success through strategic insight, operational efficiency, and nurturing a skilled and motivated team underscores my professional ethos.

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