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Thomas P. Scola: Senior Drupal and Acquia Solutions Expert, DevOps Architecture Specialist, and Strategic Technical Leadership

Crafting Exceptional Drupal Solutions

With nearly two decades of experience in Drupal development, I bring a wealth of expertise in building robust CMS architectures. Starting from version 4.7, my journey has been marked by a dedicated involvement in the Drupal User Group of Maine, where I've served as co-leader since 2007. This experience has solidified my reputation as a trusted authority in the Drupal community across New England.

Technical Proficiency and Leadership

During my tenure at Acquia, I held various roles, including Senior Technical Account Manager and Senior Technical Solutions Manager. In these positions, I managed critical accounts, led pre-sales initiatives, and spearheaded major Drupal migrations and implementations. I also played a key role in enhancing Acquia's product offerings, contributing significantly to the improvement of Acquia Cloud UI and Code Studio's default build process.

Certifications and Specializations

My dedication to continuous learning is reflected in my certifications in Drupal and CI/CD DevOps strategy from Acquia and GitLab. These certifications have equipped me with the skills needed to tackle complex technical challenges, such as CMS replatforming, architecting large migrations, and the development of decoupled composable architectures. Additionally, my background in UI/UX design, persona development, content strategy and change management guidance complements my technical capabilities, allowing me to bridge the gap between creative and technical requirements effectively.